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Chatbots are the best to Close sales and Get leads for you 24/7 – Because a Chatbot will bring you 10X more leads than Your website without spending more money on advertising!

99% of people will leave your company and never become your customers just because you keep them waiting.
People HATE to wait. People HATE to call. People WANT to chat. You can complain about it, or you can make sure that your business doesn’t suffer from this reality.

Leonadis Marketing AI Specialists have developed 300+ chatbots in the last 3 years and here are some results:

– A GYM: 1700 new leads in 3 months & cost per lead decreased by 120%!

– AN E-COMMERCE: over 500 people in a pre-sale campaign in a month.

– A RESTAURANT: 1300 new customers in less than a year.

– A BEAUTY SALON: 400 new clients in 2 months.

– A REAL ESTATE agent: 800 leads in less than 4 months.

– A CHIROPRACTOR: 100 clients in less than 3 months.

– A SOFTWARE company: 3000 new customers.

– A FINANCIAL company: 35000 new clients in 6 months.

– A CAR LEASING company: over 100 people in the first month.

– A TRAVEL AGENCY: 11000 customers in 3 months = £250000.

NO MATTER WHAT’S YOUR BUSINESS! Your Business needs a chatbot.

What is a Chatbot? “Bots and chat make it easier for people to buy the way they want to when they want to–and that should be the goal of any business.” – Leonadis One CEO Leoandis Marketing. Chatbots are tiny programs that help simulate interactions with customers automatically based on a set of predefined conditions, triggers, and/or events. There are several advantages to using chatbots: They can be proactive or reactive. Their responses are consistent every time. They can respond to customers immediately. They can help you collect important data and also learn from the data collected. They can be used through a variety of different mediums like SMS, live chat, or even social media. Applying chatbots to help businesses grow is a recent phenomenon. As customers become more demanding not just in the way they choose to buy, but also in the ways they wish to communicate with businesses, many traditional online experiences simply aren’t capable enough. Business applications of chatbots for consumer-facing goods are growing rapidly. According to a Facebook survey, more than 50% of customers say they’re more likely to shop with a business that they can connect with via chat.